The present area of the hunting grounds is 4,471.40 ha, from which 1,462.87 ha is of forest and 3,008.53 ha of agricultural land. The main game of these grounds is fallow deer game and subsidiary game is roe deer, mouflon and boar game. There are also pheasants, hares, partridges and ducks in the Petrovec hunting grounds. The main forest type is Carpineto-Quercetum.

     The hunting grounds are orthographically situated in the middle part of the Lučenec basin. According to hunting regionalisation until 2009 it was an independent pheasantry included in the roe deer breeding area where the main game was pheasant game with subsidiary roe deer, fallow deer, hare and partridge game.

     The location of the grounds and its suitable natural conditions provide excellent breeding conditions allowing introduction of high-quality fallow and mouflon game. The right choice of the location and systematic hunting management of fallow deer game carried out by professional and experienced employees of the national forests and AGRORIS LTD company since 1995 has been shown in the strong point value of the killed fallow deer.  

    The result of this professional breeding is visible on the third, fourth and fifth strongest fallow deer trophy within the Slovak republic which were given 214.76 p, 212.37 p and 212.09 p CIC on the international exhibition “Levice hunting days”.

     The quality parameters and the amount of game breeding achievements have included the hunting grounds Petrovec, the hunting area S IX Tuhár, breeding unit Tuhár – Lučenec fallow deer area D11 Petrovec into the first quality class.  

     The present state of boar game allows organizing common drive hunts as well as individual hunts throughout the whole year. It is also possible to hunt pheasants, roe deer and mouflon game in the wilderness, which is very attractive for hunters.

     Thanks to all these facts Petrovec has become a real jewel of hunting in Slovakia.